Classic Rock All-Stars

The MLB All-Star game got us thinking: who would be in our ultimate all-star band? Each week, the top player at each position in classic rock: drummer, bass player, keyboardist, vocalist and guitarist were nominated, the station's listeners had a full week to vote on their favorite - and a chance to tell us who we missed. As the rounds progressed one winner was selected in each catergory.

My Role

I was responsible for building out the page and updating it throughout each round of voting of the campaign.

What I did

Designed logo for the promotion

Designed and built out promotional page

Created various promotional images for each round of voting

  • Visual identity
  • Web design
  • Web development
Classic Rock All-Stars 4th of July version of logo Dynamic lead promoting the campaign Dynamic lead promoting the campaign on 4th of July Campaign Recap
The visual identity of promotion